Unlock the value of your social connections

With Netenviron Social CRM and Social Recruiting,
leverage the value of your social and alumni relations.
Get your message through and engage your network
with our networking solution.
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Why choose Netenviron Social Recruiting and Alumni solution

Leverage a growing network

- Facilitate services and offerings to your members
- Increase you referral community
- Share ideas and opportunities in a trusted network


Find your audience, get their attention

- Find targeted groups with faceted search
- Targeted communication thourgh multiple channels
- Member-groups with pages

Track your success

- Back-track activities and participants
- Have full control of your member database
- Reporting and administrative tools


Integrate with backoffice

- Profile updates from SIS, CRM and HR
- Update profiles from LinkedIn©
- Content from and to CMS and other social networks

Customer Testimonial

  • We wanted an up to date and well functioning member base that could contain relevant offers and services in a web based solution. Netenviron Alumni solutions delivered just that."
    Barbro Kolbjørnsrud, BI Alumni
  • Through the alumni program our alumni members have the opportunity to maintain contact and exchange experiences with former colleagues and keep abreast of what is happening at Ernst & Young."
    Magnus Kræmer, E&Y Alumni
  • We were told by Netenviron reference NTNU that: "There is no real alternative to the Netenviron Alumni solution in terms of flexibility. Their innovative solution allows changes to be discussed, executed and implemented."
    Bjørg Hildeskår, UiB Alumni

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  • University of Stavanger

    University of Stavanger selects Netenviron for their new Career and Alumni portal
  • Roland Berger

    Roland Berger Strategy Consultants launches their new corporate alumni network.
  • BI Alumni and Career Service with SSO

    All alumni and students at BI have now Single Sign On on the BI Alumni and Career portals.
  • Version 9.0 is launched

    We have launced our new 9.0 version. University of Stavanger was our first customer on the new version. Information about the new version and how to upgrade are now sent out to all our customers.

Blog and Tips

  • Ask most alumni relations professionals the secret of success and they will have a common refrain. They will tell you that best way to create a group of engaged, committed – and generous – alumni is to begin with a group of engaged, committed students. So, to develop a wildly successful alumni relations effort, aim for a wildly successful student experience. One thing to keep in mind is that they are students for one to six years and alumni for the rest of their lives, yet it is their years on campus (or perhaps online) that form the foundation of their relationship with the school.
  • The competition and search for talents will be even harder, both Corporations and Schools must be better and get better tools to win this fight.
  • The Ernst & Young Alumni service has been in operation since January 2007 and currently counts over 1,200 members. There is an active network that meets annually in the largest cities in Norway.
  • Ernst & Young handles the ex employees BI Norwegian School has 30 international groups Alumnus
  • In our new version we have focused on usability, work flow, easier implementation and a few new key features. The new version is now available for our existing and new customers.